Digital Life Collective First Wednesday: Resonate Cooperative and Community Credentials: Weds 7 April 5pm UK time

The Digital Life Collective hosts a monthly call on the First Wednesday of each month. This next one, which kicks off at 5pm UK time tomorrow April 7th, features the music streaming platform cooperative Resonate and specifically the work they’ve been doing around Community Credentials. The Co-op News did a piece late last year - - and there’s short explainer vid at The focus of the call is firstly to understand a bit more about what they’ve been up to, but more than that, to understand how Community Credentials can be more widely useful for cooperative and collaborative social/tech initiatives. Peter Harris and Nick Meyne from Resonate will be giving the talk.

The project is funded through a grant from the European Union Self Sovereign Identity Lab and the EU Next Generation Internet ‘TRUST’ programme. According to the piece in the Co-op News: “For this project, Resonate has teamed up with Pavilion, a workers co-operative with a long history of working with open source community software frameworks, and VerifiableCredentials Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Kent, UK, led by Professor David Chadwick, a co-author of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model Recommendation.”

The call will use the Digital Life Collective’s meeting room at Digital Life Collective

Please share with interested parties.