Device testing lab (Space4) + QA as mutual aid

Problem statement

  • We’re too small to have a dedicated QA team, to pay for an external team, or have a fully-fledged testing lab. Testing is part of the build process and we use whatever devices we happen to own.


Off the back of this, I’ve been chatting to Eszter @ Animorph about what a QA process could look like with limited budgets. Testing conducted by someone external to the company and with no understanding of the project feels closer to the experience of a user. This could be done as an exchange of time/skills, rather than as a paid service, and we could formalise the process a little with grades of thoroughness, or time spent.

Just wanted to see if there was any interest in any of this!


It might be worth getting in touch with some of the members of London Hackspace, as there was a group of game-dev’s who were doing something similar to have machines to use as test-beds for the games they were working on.

You can find the mailing list here, :smiley:


I’ll take a look — thanks!

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