Democratic innovation in and by worker and social coops

I am facilitating (on a voluntary basis) a CECOP working group on cultural and tech-facilitated shifts in democratic governance praxis in worker and social coops. There is tons to look at, including the adoption/invention of new communication, decision making and project management tools, dynamic governance, etc. So this is a shout out to ask for your pointers/views/knowledge on the subject. If you want more of a lens, I could ask:

  • How has the practice of dynamic gov/sociocracy deepened or strengthened democratic culture and/or social inclusion in your/our coops?
  • Has tech innovation facilitated advances in democratic culture? How?
  • What tech has our coop industrial sector contributed to this deeper/wider democracy?
  • How is this changing the narrative about what ‘coop democracy’ actually means, or could mean, in the C21st?
  • What vision do you have about the prospects for democractic ownership and management of evolving means of production/communication such as open source, cloud/hosting services, the 5G network?

Short or longer comments/pointers very welcome and also international examples. Thanks!


Hi Sion. Would love to come. Where and when is it?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear: membership of CECOP’s core working group on this theme is established, and we are likely to confer by occasional remote meetings and email over the next year. We have yet to meet to finalise our terms of reference and desired outputs…

Ah, ok! How are you Sion? Everything ok? The coop you helped us with has a name now, Crystalisr, and the inaugural conference is on 3rd June, would you like to come? It’s in Richmond (upon Thames).

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Brilliant, I’ll see if I can come!

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Date changed to Wednesday 17th June! I’ll make sure you get an invitation…