Deleting Discourse Spam

This is a thread to record spam and suspected spam bot accounts that have been deleted, following is a screenshop the first thread that is about to be deleted:


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I set “alanionita” to need to revalidate their email address before they can post again, I might be wrong about them being a spamer…

I suspended “BorisBritva” for two weeks, they originally regsitered via a UK VPS but their last post was from a Russian IP address…

I’m probably being too lenient here…

Thanks for staying vigilant!


I just deleted this spam comment:


And suspended the user for a week.

The comment I’m about to remove from this thread looks like it is from a spambot:



I just deleted this spam and the spam bot posting it:

Two spam posts that have just been deleted:



And the account that posted them has been suspended.

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I’ve got an email from someone called Satish Ithamsetty “digisatish” 4th Oct., saying “I need an alternative tool for my image editing process.”

but the link to visit topic says “.Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.”

Why would that happen? The one follow-up email (from same person) seems to indicate it’s not spam …

Ahah someone flagged this as spam " the account that posted them has been suspended." just seen this at Deleting Discourse Spam - #7 by chris

Hmmm I wonder if it was …

Ah yes: " Satish Ithamsetty! I am the founder of I am a full-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and an SEO Specialist…"

OK sorry forget this !

It is good how rare this is, I’ll delete this user account and not allow this post to be made public, it is clearly spam:


A rare Discourse spam item that was held for moderation that I’m about to delete…

Deleted spam:

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This spam was held for moderation, I have now deleted it and the account posting it:



Thanks for flagging this spam up @SzczepanOfAnimorph for future reference there is an actual “flag” option you can use :slight_smile:, click the three dots below a post to access it.

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makes sense, thank you!

I think this is very spammy, but it has the right category, it links to this article which appears to be auto-generated… thoughts?


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Ah, I just rejected it :wink: And then came here …

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This is an advert for non-free software as a service ( so I’m going to delete it and the account as I suspect it was posted by a bot, note that the category is wrong and it is written in American English…

A rare example of Discourse spam, now deleted:

Screenshot_2020-05-15 Cooperative Technologists Community Discourse Forum

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