Data Standards for Social Impact

Hello all. As part of a project with the Open Data Institute we’re bringing together a number of our partners who work on open data and data standards for social impact at the Co-Tech Space 4 in just over a week.

As part of that we’re planning an open evening event on Monday 30th October called Data Standards for Social Impact.

We’ll be hearing from projects working with open data in domains ranging from aid transparency, to public service directories, grant-making and electronics repair.

More details and a sign-up are here if you might be interested in joining us.

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Tim, this sounds brilliant. Is there any chance you could give me a sneak peek of these projects? I’m looking for projects that have:

  • improved social and work inclusion,
  • fight against poverty,
  • emergencies management
  • public services
  • or just met consumers needs/ lower service costs in a better way and that can be applied to other sectors.

If you have any URLs that you could send me, or links to docs etc that wouldn’t take a lot of your time, I’d be really grateful. I’m preparing a talk about it and want to make sure that I mention valid examples.

No worry if you don’t have time, l just thought it was worth asking in case you had anything you could send me, and that wouldn’t take up too much of your time.

Thanks and l will see you at the event.

Hello Kayleigh,

The projects we’ll be profiling are:

For your list above, you might also be interested in the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) and Humanitarian Exchange Language (HXL).

Hoping workshop participants will also be able to share ideas from a range of other standards too.

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Thanks so much, these look great :slight_smile: