Data Democratisation Covenor - London Learning Co-op

Our friends at the London Learning Co-op are gestating a historical materialism-informed course on practical and theoretical digital technology. They’re looking for a covenor to work 7 hours a week on fleshing out a programme.

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[We’re] looking for a part-time convener to co-design and co-deliver a series of courses and events via Zoom. The ideal candidate will be familiar with debates around information sharing and data democratisation. In particular, the ideal candidate will be committed to developing collective theoretical and practical approaches to how left/socialist organisations can democratise information.

About TLC: TLC is a radically inclusive, internationalist and anti-imperialist tuition agency. We connect students who want to learn a variety of subjects with tutors in the imperial periphery, including in formerly and currently colonised societies like Palestine, Pakistan and Ireland. We are committed to understanding imperialism in order to contribute to the political coalition that sets about reversing its flows of wealth, people, knowledge and power. We connect students and teachers via online platforms to foster language and cultural exchange, and in doing so are building a truly global network.

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Although it’s from a little different angle, we are just starting to experiment with the “workers’ cafe” in which we the workers mutually learn and teach, for the purpose of building the core community for the future worker coop dominated economy. Hello from Tokyo :smile: