Current coronavirus charity funders

I thought it would be useful to sign-post you to funders that have call-outs at the moment as you might well have something you can apply for funding for with a charity client:

Taken from this website: (Ellie Hale CAST pointed me to this)

Is a pdf listing funders that are releasing money mainly to local community groups and people in need:

In particular:

-Princes Trust for young entrepreneurs in financial difficulty (started a business in the last 4 years and are 18-30)

i’m no expert for any of those listed, but if you want a chat or have an idea and don’t know what to do about get in touch, and I’m sure there are people in this network who could help/support so let’s start talking :slight_smile:

Hope this inspires. Keep well.



Hey Abi,

Thanks a lot for sharing this, great timing. I have been mulling over an idea for a couple of weeks but after a chance meeting last night want to push forward with trialling it and was wondering about funding.

Perhaps we could have a wee chat at some point today if you have a mo? I’m free of the shackles of meetings between 10.30 and 2



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Our client, 360Giving, are doing amazing work to help visualise the actual grants being made by foundations:

This pulls data from a wide range of organisations that openly share their grants in the 360Giving format. (My colleagues at Open Data Services can explain the tech behind this, if interested)

If anyone around CoTech works with a grantmaker, it’d be fantastic if you could support them to publish their grants, too. Most organisations publish a simple spreadsheet to do this (although some also provide JSON feeds).

So, whilst it’s great to know what grants are available - but knowing where they are going is equally vital… especially when that’s in machine-readable standard formats