CTRLshift: An Emergency Summit for Change — 27-29 March 2018

This event was being promoted yesterday at the Co-operative Solidarity conference:

CTRLshift: An Emergency Summit for Change: March 27 – 29 2018

We’re bringing together visionary organisations and individuals to create a powerful coherent voice and a collective action plan for radical, positive change in the UK.

The event takes place at The Edge Conferencing Centre at Wigan Pier from 27-29 March 2018. The cost of attending CTRL-Shift depends on what type and size of organisation you represent.

  • National Organisations £140 + booking fee
  • Regional & Grassroots Organisations £115 + booking fee
  • Subsidised Local Community Enterprises £80 + booking fee
  • Day Tickets £75 + booking fee


I suspect that this is the event initially discussed on the Callout - ‘A Progressive Future for England’ conference, October thread…

It sounds good, is anyone from CoTech able to attend?

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Thanks for posting this, it’s great to see the event finally happening.

I’m unable to go because I’ll be on holiday and have already sent apologies to Dan et al Permaculture Association. I received an email today with info on bursaries for those who would like to attend but might not be able to afford it.

It’s in Wigan, just in case that sways anyone…


We’re hoping to have someone from CTRLshift come and summarize “…themes… …discussions… and any outcomes…” at https://2018.open.coop/ so if anyone can’t get to Wigan - and misses whatever debrief / summary CoTech does, you can come and get the update in London :slight_smile:
We’re hoping to have similar summaries from other events too so we’re are actually practice ‘joined-up’ collaboration, rather than just banging our own drum!..


Just a heads up the the CTRLshift Summit is happening again this year, see: