CoTech workspace

Outlandish are taking over the first floor of our office and are considering turning it into a CoTech work/event/incubator space for new and existing CoTech members.

It’s got space for about 50 desks, but we’ll probably configure it more for meetings/workshops/events.

Would anyone be interested in using the space, helping run it, sharing the rent, etc.?


Yep yep - would deffo be interested in being involved. Could maybe make use of the space and definitely help promote and manage it. Do you think that this is something that Alt Gen might be interested in using?

We (Small Axe) might be interested too - in some or all of what you mention. When is it likely to be ready to use?

We’re taking it over from beginning of June with an aim to have it ready
for July and “fully operational” in August.

Cooool. Let’s have a chat soon about the why’s and wherefores and how Gildedsplinters can be involved/support/utilise.



Hi everyone. I’m Polly and I’m working with Outlandish now to get the coworking space up and running. I’d love to speak with you all about how you’d like to be involved in the project and whether you’ve got any words of wisdom. My email address is so drop me a line when you can please. Ta!