CoTech website revamp


@chrislowis most of the long-form content is versioned on the current site. e.g. if you go to the bottom of the About page you can see a list of the revisions at the bottom.

It doesn’t support branching though, so I’d support storing the About, Join and Manifesto in git (it would also help with governance).

Let me know if that’s not what you meant.


@harry - ah yes, I mean both. While versioning (who did what, when) is important it’s the branching that’s really useful. As-in: “let me show you a concrete change I think we should make so we can work on it together before adopting it”. GitHub Pull Requests work quite nicely for the latter and storing the long-form content in git sounds like a useful thing to do.


Slightly off the website revamp topic but wanted to follow up on from what you said about the brand + name, was that yes! And that it is already out there…

I attended #coops17 up in shakey-wakey and CoTech was mentioned a fair few times by folk and was even brought up in other peoples presentations, with no affiliation to the network, which was well nice. I know the event was full of co-ops but still pretty decent for other people to be talking about us that aren’t members of the network.

Also @Kayleigh and @leva ran a presentation on re-imaniging tech to a room full of people that were interested in our story so far and what we have to offer, which i heard which was really well received and a great step for us moving forward as this loose network thing which i think potential clients don’t seem to mind that much.

We’ve been pitching as Members of CoTech, so Outlandish & Agile, A CoTech Collaboration. Which seems to have worked alright so-far.


Should we make that as a proposal in the Loomio? I feel it’s fairly uncontroversial, but I guess some of the arguments made there previously about the accessibility to non-technical people still apply?


By the way, the API is now available on the dev site and includes co-ops, collaborations, etc.

Main API:


hey @harry notice project_description is html. Do you know what’s generating it and how sanitary it’s likely to be … like can people put <script> tags in there?


Sorry for slow reply - currently you can put any HTML you like in there:

However, it could easily be restricted - either in terms of what you could save or in terms of what the API outputs.

What are you trying to achieve/guard against?


Resurrection! Thanks to all who have done great work so far. I’m hacking away on when I have time. We could try to build another working group around this and try to keep some momentum … I’ve created #website on the slack for questions and what not.

If you worked on this before, can someone with mapbox access weigh in on:


Great timing @lwm ! @polly of Space4 is organising a hack weekend and we’re looking to improve the website, documents, processes and anything else people want to hack at. More info to follow…


Oh yes, that’s great. Looking forward to hear about that and could also
help to organise if needed. Perhaps preparing the repo with tagging
issues for easy/medium/hard and getting more documentation in place
would be probably be a good thing … nice one!


Agree, they should be in the top nav imho, not hidden down at the bottom.


I’m not even technically a member of the network (yet) but certainly more b than a to me. But it should also be the go-to place for everyone who needs tech support, no?


Also ping @dansmallaxe because he prototyped a landing page at Wortley Hall and has been working on brand/identity. Pardon the ping if you and Luke are already talking!


Good point @laura

Do you have a link to what you made @dansmallaxe


I had to take the prototype site (just a homepage really) down, as was getting charged monthly for it. I did copy across the structure and copy into a separate document though.

Thats helped inform some of the work we are doing for this Co-op group project - although the main outcome of that will likely be a slidedeck, it should be possible to use the same content for a homepage probably. That project should be complete in next couple of weeks I believe, so can feed into this proposed event or any other efforts to update the site.

Generally speaking I think the priority for me with the website is cutting down the amount of stuff on there, simplifying it, and improving the copy/images used to give a more focused message. Some of that should be fairly easy to do, some (like photography), is going to need a bit more work over time to get right. But keep me in touch with any process thats ongoing, and I’ll do the same if theres any relevant progress I’m aware of