CoTech website metadata

Apologies for taking six months to fully solve this annoying bug:

But I think it is now resolved, when we put URL’s from the CoTech website in Twitter they will now get the correct images. see this tweet for example:

It appears that Twitter needed a fully qualified, rather than relative URL, this is also fixed for services, eg:

And technologies:

And co-ops:

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Non-technical help needed!

Almost the services and technologies pages on the site could do with descriptions adding, I have just added a description for the WordPress page:

It is really easy to add descriptions, they are just lines of plain text, for example, for the WordPress page:

title: WordPress
name: WordPress
description: Technology co-operatives who can help you with the design, deployment, hosting and managment of WordPress sites, WordPress is the worlds leading open source web based content management software.

You don’t need to know how to use git, you can simply edit these files using a web browser and when you save them then the dev site is automatically updated and if that looks OK you simply have a button to click to update the live site.

Would anyone like to help write descriptions for pages? It would really help with SEO for the site :slight_smile:.

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Thanks for fixing this, Chris! :clap:

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