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Hi Everyone

We’ve been discussing with a few CoTech members about updating the CoTech film for 2021, and I thought it would be worth outlining what we’re thinking to test the waters and really ascertain what would be useful for everyone involved in CoTech.

Idea: Create a succinct, eye catching banner video that explains to the world what CoTech is, articulated in the spirit of the CoTech manifesto, co-created by the members of CoTech (and in collaboration with cool AI tools).

Practice: We will write a script and a plan to create a fully digital video. We will then approach different members (those that indicate a willingness to contribute), explain what we’re looking for and then integrate everything into a megazord of a film.

Justification: The current CoTech video needs updating and I think the only way to make a video that really shows to the world what CoTech is, is to make something fully cooperatively. Based on our script, it would be cool to figure out a way to showcase the talent of the members via film - I think this would have to be figured out one coop at a time as everyone is so unique.

Timeline: After testing the waters, we will propose a budget and start working with a pessimistic delivery time of late March (likely to have something to show a fair bit sooner).

Additions: The script will configured in such a way that we can disassemble the megazord into zords to highlight different aspects of working with CoTech, which can then be used to show potential clients why this is such a good thing. All outputs will be framed in such a way that the quality of CoTech is clear to see and that after watching the video it’s the logical next step to ‘engage in business’ with the network.

Proposed outputs: 1x ~2 minute CoTech banner video; several ~30 second ‘zord’ films

Let us know what you all think, am not sure how running a proposal works but we’re keen to get this running.


Blake House Coop


Thank you for this @simon.blakehouse !
Just discussed your idea at the monthly call, people were very supportive and wondered whether you could provide us with more details on what would be in the main video, also in regards to costs so we can ensure our fund is deep enough for the project to take off! @Geoff stepped up to liaise with you going forward from CoTech side!

Would be great if CoTech members share their take on the video, whether we should go ahead with it during these remote times or should we wait a bit longer until we can meet later in the year. This conversation could start here and then move on Loomio as a proposal to the fund.

PS. A thread is about to emerge about a mini-gathering online gathering in April, which could be a good place to capture some precious moments…

Yo - sorry for missing the monthly call, had a prior engagement.

Hard to say exactly what would be in the video at this stage as it would be great to hear what kind of things other CoTech members are interested in having, so we can create something that’s reflective of the network as a whole. I have some ideas about the tone, aesthetic and narrative, but I wouldn’t want to go ahead with planning this without others inputting. (eg if I go and make what I think is cool, but no one else does, then it’s not really useful to anyone :grin:)

If we can get some feedback on the new vid, then we can go ahead and start planning, sketch out an idea with regard to cost (not really a priority, kind of just want to make something extremely cool), and get moving.

Some prompts could be:

  • How would you describe the ‘tone’ of CoTech (eg warm, technical, subversive, corporate etc)
  • How would you describe the ideal aesthetic and look of CoTech (eg geocities, windows xp, the matrix etc)

It’s super interesting and helpful to the process to hear people’s thoughts on these type of things, so that whatever is the output of this is relevant to everybody.

Looking forward to the thread on the gathering :sunglasses:

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Hey I would say, from my experience, you’ll get nowhere fast waiting for the network to come to you - you’ll have to chase everyone up. I dont say to this offend anyone but to put forward organising strategy plain and simple. So, that raises the question of you putting in more work to get this going and how to fund that. Its tricky because it is hard to know if people want this if they cant see an example but doing that is already work. In the case of the newsletter proposal (see The Return of the CoTech Newsletter! - #27 by decentral1se) we did it for free for a bit and then it was kinda clear that it was a benefit. Idk if that can work in this case but those are my thoughts. Good luck!


noted - thanks for the advice. I will develop the film further in between the things we currently have on and report back.


In the last monthly call we suggested someone in CoTech could act as the “client” for this to help move it along with Simon’s help. If there’s anyone with some time (and ideally a bit of experience in using videos in this way) that would be interested I think that’d help keep some momentum.

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Hey Chris, thanks for checking up on thread. I’ll play “client” as suggested in last months call and also help orchestrate in a Video Producer capacity. Just got off the phone with Simon from Blakehouse and have started planning. Will post up plans here as they unfold.


That’s amazing @Geoff and @simon.blakehouse! Really excited to see what you come up with :+1: