CoTech/Tech Co-ops meet up at 35c3 Chaos Communications Congress

Building on the back of the Tech Coops Meetup last year there will be another Tech Coops Assembly.

As far as I can tell, there will be at least three people from CoTech there including myself. I will also be involved in the Scuttlebutt P2P social network assembly and the Fediverse meetup.

There’s only a basic wiki page up right now. Should have more info soon.


There is also the assembly:

Webarchitects are members of the librehosters network, if you have time you could say hi to them also, have fun :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there :slight_smile: and speaking at 2018-12-29 / 22:50 about How cooperative online structures can facilitate sustainable offline activism.

And probably hanging around a combination of the assemblies mentioned in the above posts and:


Hi #35C3-ers. I hope you had a wonderful time in Leipzig and Happy New Year
Did any of you attend the session on 29th at 17.00 ‘Tech Co-ops No Masters no Slaves’ and if so what were the main findings in terms of ‘How can IT-Coops play a vital rule in building up solidarity economy?’
In fact in general what were your take aways from the congress on this topic? Thanks a lot!

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I will be doing a write up! Still in Leipzig so give me time :slight_smile: It will be on the CoTech wiki and perhaps my co-ops website.

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Brilliant, brilliant… :grin: Looking forward.

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