CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering


I think the feeling from the last gathering at Space4 is that another two day event, somewhere up North, with the party on the Friday, during the spring in 2019, would work.

I’ve started a thread on the Webarchitects members forum to see if people think we could help organise this in Sheffield:

@polly has suggested Bradford, what other options / offers do we have?

What about dates, term time is probably best, half terms and Easter dates vary based on Local Authority so we need to be careful with this.

If the next Workers Co-op Weekend is at the same venue near Sheffield again would it make sense to run a CoTech gathering adjacent to that, or should we try and ensure that we don’t pick a date too close to it?


Just for the record the next Workers Co-op Weekend is Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May 2019 … in Derbyshire?