CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering : 25-26th April in Sheffield


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Hello Polly ta for replying yesterday, sorry I have Mondays off - back now & happy to arrange a chat any time suitable for you, OK? I can see the missed call number; if u want to suggest a good time I’ll call u if i can?
Thanx a lot. Jonathan


Great yes call me now? Or whenever really I’m about all day.


Hi @jonothan

Can you recommend any hotels or places to stay as close to the venue as possible please?



I can’t think of anywhere less than a kilometer or so from the venue, Jonathan has listed some less-corporate places and I have listed some cheap corporate places on the wiki page for the gathering, my guess would be that the new Easy hotel (in the former C&A store, High Street) might be the cheapest, it is also close to the The Bankers Draft if you want cheap pub food (The Benjamin Huntsman is also a few doors up from DINA).


3 Animorphs coming! Looking forward!!


Just me coming so far but I think others may also.


Hi everyone!

I’m Neto from Cambá and I’m travelling with @nicolasdimarco from Fiqus to attend to the gathering (if you allow us). I didn’t read the whole thread, but if it si possible we would like to prepare an 1 hour activity to show our cooperative model and exchange knowledge with you… what do you think about it?


That would be great, I’m sure a lot of people would be very interested in this.


Hello @chris,

We’re very happy to hear that.

For those of you who didn’t see the post in which we talked about our trip to the UK, we are from two software development cooperatives in Argentina and we will be traveling to meet CoTech cooperatives. Our main goal is to share time with you, to know how you are organized, to know the projects you are working on and to share experiences and knowledge.

We have tickets for the last two weeks of April. We are very happy and we hope to meet you all.


Can we pin a summary post for this gathering please @chris? Took me a few moments to parse this to find the dates.


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At least one code-operator coming, maybe two or three!


CoTech SPRING GATHERING 2019, 25th-26th April in Sheffield

BOOKING IS NOW AVAILABLE! Please book your places at **

Full details are online here:


Hoorah! We’ll book our tickets next week.


By the way, at Outlandish we are planning to create a presentation which we will share before the gathering (though possibly update during!) about ‘What value has CoTech brought to us?’ - It will show the value in ££ of the commercial work that we’ve done in collaboration with other co-ops, plus other stuff like people we’ve met, I guess some Space4 things etc.

For us it’s helpful to have this as an internal document/knowledge so that we can justify our continued investment in the network. But we figured it would also be useful to others who are wondering what CoTech is all about and why they should join.

If any other co-ops think that this kind of exercise would be of value then it would be great if you could maybe do something before or during the event too. Happy to discuss if anyone is interested.