CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering : 25-26th April in Sheffield

At least one code-operator coming, maybe two or three!

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CoTech SPRING GATHERING 2019, 25th-26th April in Sheffield

BOOKING IS NOW AVAILABLE! Please book your places at **

Full details are online here:


Hoorah! We’ll book our tickets next week.

By the way, at Outlandish we are planning to create a presentation which we will share before the gathering (though possibly update during!) about ‘What value has CoTech brought to us?’ - It will show the value in ££ of the commercial work that we’ve done in collaboration with other co-ops, plus other stuff like people we’ve met, I guess some Space4 things etc.

For us it’s helpful to have this as an internal document/knowledge so that we can justify our continued investment in the network. But we figured it would also be useful to others who are wondering what CoTech is all about and why they should join.

If any other co-ops think that this kind of exercise would be of value then it would be great if you could maybe do something before or during the event too. Happy to discuss if anyone is interested.


CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering now has added offers of very affordable accommodation in housing co-operatives - for a more interesting experience of Sheffield hospitality!

Full details and booking now open via CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Stockpile your tickets now for the CoTech Spring Gathering - beat the Brexit rush!!
Actually it would be good if someone could book to test the booking interface and let me know if it needs any improvements …
Ta :slight_smile:

Ticket booked!! Can’t wait to see you guys and gals!


Is anyone travelling and arriving the night before the gathering? Want to meet up for a drink on the Wednesday evening 24th April? Please post a message on this forum thread if so.

Sheffield-based people will definitely be in a pub somewhere - and everyone’s invited. We’ll sort out a venue and time to suit everyone, nearer the time.

Ticket booking’s now open via CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:


Hey Jonathan, we’re going to be arriving on the Wednesday evening, not quite sure what time but almost certainly up for a pint or three.

What’s happening re. planning for the Agenda? I have a couple of things that I’m keen to discuss, just wondering whether there’s been any thought yet on people leading groups, or workshops, or themes at all?

Also, do all the co-ops definitely know about the event in April? So few actually use this forum so it would be a pity if it’s only being promoted here. @jonathan did you manage to get hold of people by phone and email?

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Hello Polly thanks for your message. I’ve emailed today, just now, and will chase up with phone calls next week, onwards. I previously phoned a sub-set of the membership but with sorting out other things I haven’t urged people to book until now.

Re. planning for the Agenda I intend to go through this thread, and any relevant emails, and put together a list of what’s already been proposed. I’ll do that by about Thursday/Friday next week and put a posting here, to prompt people to give some more input. Do please put your ideas up here if you haven’t already Hope that sounds OK?

And definitely let’s have a pre-event pint on the Wednesday night :slight_smile:

Just me coming from We Are Open! Booked my ticket and accommodation, looking forward to catching up with you all :smile:


I will be coming to the event :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing y’all.

Would be interested to drift into a conversation about

And also this perhaps - I think I’m just about to enroll. Starts today!

Also interested to float around feeling positive about all the cool things people are working on. X

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Sorry Cat & I at Dot Project won’t be able to make this event which is such a shame - love to catch up with any outputs, or support virtually if we can!

Thanks to everyone who’s booked so far :slightly_smiling_face:

Ideas for the “Content” of the gathering are welcome also - Ta to and all who’ve already put forward suggestions

Just been watching an interesting video with Argentinian co-operators who will be visiting us at the Spring Gathering.

It’s over an hour long.
The first part explains how ‘inter-cooperating’ work-sharing in Argentina’s equivalent of CoTech.
At about 18:30 their planned visit to UK for the Spring Gathering is explained.
The rest of the video is a discussion, going into details of how the co-operative work-sharing works in practice. Worth watching :slight_smile:

We now have a nice improvement to the wiki site, if you want to see some photos of the venue, and of some CoTech people …

@jonathan suggested perhaps someone from Extinction Rebellion Sheffield could do a little talk to kick off the Climate Emergency and Tech section. I’m going to their meeting tonight and will see if anyone is interested in doing that.

What did they say Naomi please? We’re thinking the Friday discussions will have a focus on environment.

Ah yes someone has volunteered to talk about how they think tech can help with the emergency, and also I would like to talk as well, but from a different perspective, about how activists can be manipulated into being lobbyists for eco-capitalism and how we might avoid that.

BTW, your avatar is disturbing, it looks like your head is on a spike

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That’s great :slight_smile:

Sorry about my disturbing head. I’ve had a bit of a haircut since then so perhaps I’ll update it :slight_smile: