CoTech Spring 2019 Gathering : 25-26th April in Sheffield

I think @athertonjohn has booked Thornbridge Outdoor Centre near Bakewell for Worker Coop Weekend - it’s a superior venue to the last couple of years and believe (relatively) good wifi

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CADS only have the Abbeydale Picture House at the moment and it is a little too big, cold (probably) and expensive (£750 a day).

Union Street have a suitable space for £150 a day but it would only be available between 11am and 4pm on a Thursday but is available most Fridays.

Access Space would be good for 20 or so people and the Webarchitects office would be available for up to a dozen or so and it is worth noting that all these places are 10 to 15 minutes walk from each other so we could potentially use a few of them, but that probably wouldn’t be ideal.

The Harland Cafe, directly below the Webarchitects office, is a very nice party venue.

I ticked all the boxes but “Vote now” is disabled

Hmm it says you can only pick 11 options, why is that? OK I will just untick the ones Chris can’t make as it won’t be happening on those days anyway I guess

Nope still too many! Anyway: I can do them all.

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Thanks for spotting that problem @naomi, it was a result of me adding March after creating the other options and you can’t edit a poll for more that 10 minutes after creation, so here it is again, corrected, @Sion can you vote again please (@Sion had placed one vote for 9-10th May, the days before the Workers Co-op Weekend which is going to be about 40 minutes drive from Sheffield, starting on the evening of 10th May).

On what dates would people be able to attend a CoTech Spring Gathering in Sheffield?

  • Thursday 7th March — Friday 8th March
  • Thursday 14th March — Friday 15th March
  • Thursday 21st March — Friday 22nd March
  • Thursday 28th March — Friday 29th March
  • Thursday 4th April — Friday 5th April
  • Thursday 12th April — Friday 13th April
  • Thursday 18th April — Friday 19th April (Easter is 21st April)
  • Thursday 24th April — Friday 25th April
  • Thursday 2nd May — Friday 3rd May
  • Thursday 9th May — Friday 10th May (Workers Co-op weekend starts on 10th May)
  • Thursday 16th May — Friday 17th May
  • Thursday 23th May — Friday 24th May
  • Thursday 30th May — Friday 31th May
  • Thursday 6th June — Friday 7th June
  • Thursday 13th June — Friday 14th June

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Sorry to be pinging all of you but unless we have some more votes on this poll we won’t be able to set a date for a spring CoTech gathering and we wouldn’t want to do that because it’ll be awesome :slight_smile:.

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Thanks, did it the other week! Ooops didn’t go through!

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done @chris thanks for the poke!

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Note that the Workers Co-op Weekend is no longer going to be at Thornbridge in Derbyshire, it is at the Frontier Centre in Northamptonshire which is probably more like a drive of an hour and a half from Sheffield, see this thread:

76% of votes cast have been for 24-25th April 2019, would it now be appropriate to see if we can book a venue for those dates or should we wait to see if more than 17 people want to cast a vote?

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I will bring it up in the next Outlandish members meeting on Wednesday to see who thinks they can make that weekend. Maybe others who are active here can do the same for their co-op?

@chris last time I telephoned every co-op to find out if they could make it which I think it quite effective because lots of people aren’t very digital seemingly :wink: Do you think any of you have capacity to do that? I have a list of various people’s numbers, or many of them are on the website.

I’m happy to speak to DINA and see if they have availability that weekend if people want. Or seems to me that the other best option would be a combo of Access Space and the WebArchitects office. What did others think on the venue front?

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Thanks for the suggestions @polly, that’s very helpful, we also have a management committee meeting tomorrow and we will discuss these things there and work out a plan.

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Hey Chris,

We noticed that 24th-25th April is a Wednesday and Thursday, but I thought we were going for a Thursday and Friday. Can you confirm whether we’re talking 24th-25th or 25th-26th?


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Sorry that was a typo, the idea was Thursday-Friday. I’m afraid our committee meeting didn’t happen yesterday, as soon as I next see @jonathan we will have a chat about following this up, hopefully this will be early next week.

Ok so it’s 25th-26th. I mentioned it to Outlandish. We will of course send some people. We just need to work out how many.

Sorry Chris, I’ve only just seen this. Ed is no longer here so wouldn’t have seen your tag. We’re pretty flexible so 24th-25th would work for us. Not sure who we’ll send yet, but we’ll at least try and get one or two of us


@chris I’m sure we from Agile Collective will come along… Let me know if you need any logistical help

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