CoTech Nextcloud Server?


If not a straight -ahead worker cooperative then we’d need to ensure that the organisation meets the membership criteria for CoTech:
"Membership of the Co-operative Technologists network is open to all co-ops that sell technical/digital products or services that are run and owned by their workers.

Secondary co-ops and multi-stakeholder co-ops are also welcome so long as all they (and their members) do not generate money for investors by exploiting their workers.

We refer to these as tech co-ops, though many of us are focused mainly on design or film-making, for example. There are many ways to get involved depending where you’re coming from."


@amunizp TPS sounds great - and in many ways like CoTech itself. I share @chris and @Graham’s concern that is sounds like it might be something other than a worker co-op.

I suggest that it probably makes sense to use something other than the CoTech Nextcloud instance at this stage. E.g. Google Docs or something more liberated.

Perhaps we should meet up for coffee to discuss too? We’re based the other side of the river, so manageable, hopefully.


If The Technology and Provident Society isn’t eligible to join CoTech then you are still welcome on this forum (why don’t you start a thread in the co-ops category to let people know about your co-op) and my co-op offers private Nextcloud servers, if that is any help.


Looks like nextcloud will be a Rails Girls Summer of Code project this year (see - so a good opportunity for any women want to learn a lot of coding in a supportive environment whilst contributing to a great project used by cotech. (Last year I was helping support one of the teams on an open source project I contribute to, and was great fun).


OK I think answering all these will be off topic so feel free to cut and paste on a/the new post.

I see what you mean. It will be a coop or companies and people not only workers we want to be as broad-reaching as possible.

Yes, @Sion did mention Somerset Rules but also said that coop-uk rules might be able to be adjusted slightly to fit. But I am seeing Somerset Rules to be easier.

I guess in our case tech is a bit broader including hardware (because it’s hard!), we are attached to makerspace and work closely with hackspace. Also with regards to workers as said above we are members some of them can be companies so we fall within the multi-stakeholder. I believe it raises a good point to add to our membership requirements that they don’t exploit their workers. Good point! TPS is meant to be broad on their membership so their might be people that are accountants, coaches, mentors and random people in the street that might not work in tech but will be there to support new and small tech companies.

Yes, I have read the meeting notes that showed the move from googledocs and I think NextCloud with the Libreoffice online editor is still a better option I was even tempted to do gitLab. But I was already biased as liberated has a different meaning to me!

Sent you an email to you and Polly, thanks for reaching out.

Yes. I will get right on to create a post. And will keep in mind the possibility of your NextCloud offering. I can host one internally in the building but I would not dare to open it up to the web as I currently don’t know enough about security, and other.


If you have a static IP address and mostly use the server from your office this isn’t a bad idea, if you wanted help to go down this road we could install, maintain and backup the server for you.