CoTech Nextcloud Server?


@chris could you set me up for the nextcloud server please.


@liam I have reset your password and sent you a new one, I must have forgotten to send it to you when I created your account.


Hi Graham

Nice to see you recently.

Following your helpful notes, I am installing the mac desktop but have got when it asks for credentials, I must have some as it works really well on mobile.

Do I need to ask @chris or might there be a need for an Idiots Guide to Nextcloud. I’m happy to write it up as I qualify :slight_smile:


@Felix I don’t have a Mac so can’t advise on install the OSX client I’m afraid.


@Felix perhaps you need to login to and generate an application password for your OSX client?


Hi Felix. For me all I needed was the server address - and my user account detail, and I was in.


I didn’t need to generate an application password.


I didn’t need to generate an application password.

FWIW I’d suggest that it is good practice to generate separate application passwords for each device (desktop / laptop / tablet / phone) that you use so, that in the event of a device being lost you can simply revoke the password for the lost device.

Furthermore I’d suggest that it is good practice to enable 2FA on your main account and if you do this then you have to create additional device passwords since the Nextcloud apps don’t use 2FA.

When I have some spare time I’ll do some screenshots and add to them to the wiki to make these steps clear, I’m however only in a position to do this for Linux and Android clients.


That would be great! Thanks @chris.


I am a huge fan of nextcloud. I’ve run it myself for a couple years, though it’s been something of a pain to push adoption by non-technical folks (i have promoted it as a way to share family photos without resorting to the demon known as Faceb**k)

Within the co-op-sort-of-thing i’ve been working with for the last year here in the US, the single-person-IT-department has now decided nextcloud is the thing they want to implement.

I’m much more partial to LXC than docker, for a number of reasons. But as it pertains to the thread, I think it’s a real failure on the part of the LibreOffice/Collabora team to only make a docker image available. i’m sure it’s entirely possible to spin up an LXC instance that has the same functionality as the docker image, without the idiosyncrasies of docker. Yet, the LO/C team doesnt even give good instructions if you want to run CODE natively on your server.

Since i’m soapboxing already, i think there’s a real opportunity at the moment in producing/updating tools for provisioning, management, and monitoring that start with the functionality and perhaps code for docker-based containers, but that work with LXC images and/or the LXD tooling or API.


The Nextcloud documentation only covers using Collabora via Docker but the Collabora Online Development Edition page links to instructions for using the packages they provide for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and SuSE.


I did make a fairly feeble attempt at setting it up that way when i first installed it about 6 months ago, but find that documentation inadequate - no suggestions for testing or troubleshooting, or background information on the processes involved, for instance.

at any rate, i couldnt get it to work that way, couldnt figure out why, and went with the docker image.


Hey @chris.

Thanks for your work to date getting this set-up.

It’s not urgent but when you get a moment can you create Nextcloud accounts for James Mead (, Chris Lowis ( and I (, please?

Cheers, Chris


@chrisroos, I have created an account for you (see private msg) and also a Go Free Range group and given you admin permissions — I think you should now be able to create other users accounts for people in your co-op. Please should if you need help and see the documentation here.

PS I upgraded Docker CE for both the Nextcloud and Discourse servers today and also updated the Collabora Online Development Edition.


sorry to be late to the party, but could I have an account please?


Of course, I have sent you a private message.


I’m using owncloud for personal use but would now want to use nextcloud with the members of (a new CBS) to colaborate the write up of formation documents. Am I correct in assuming that this is a good use case of the group admin?

If so, I’d like an admin account to invite others to the group, please.

And thank you for the offer.


Hi @amunizp, the CoTech Nextcloud server was setup for members of CoTech, is your co-op wishing to join CoTech?


Yes, we are wishing to join. @Sion mentioned we will be a good fit. I have been lurking on the forum for a while and I agree.

I have just submitted an email to the email address. Our CBS is still not officially formed so it is a bit of chicken and egg situation with regards to using the server.


That shouldn’t be a problem, we have the following on the Join Us page:

Once you’re on the path to becoming a co-op you can become a member of the network.

On the subject of registering as a Community Benefit Society — that gives me the impression that you won’t be a workers co-op, is that correct?

Having read through your website I did wonder if the Somerset Rules might be of use to you — they allow all sorts of co-op types to be created.