CoTech Nextcloud Server?


I’m guessing none of the people with Nextcloud accounts have had any time to have a play with it in the last two weeks…?

So I’d like to suggest we have a Nextcloud session at Wortley Hall (can someone bring a projector and screen?), aimed at people who haven’t used Nextcloud before and we go though how to install the client on which ever devices people have on them (laptops, phones etc) and then go though how to use things. Lots of plugins have been enabled that I haven’t looked at, we could evaluate if these are any good and see if we can come up with a proposal about what, if anything, we want to use Nextcloud for?

What do you want to discuss at Wortley Hall in 2017?

I’ve logged in and had a play,
I’d be happy to be involved in a session as an experienced nextcloud user


hey @chris I’d be really up for exploring this as one of the people who has used google docs for organising CoTech stuff! Thanks for starting this thread and putting in the time to spin something up. Can you give me access?


@aaron you should have a email with login details, thanks for this :slight_smile:


Hi guys, thank you for the initiative, hope we will all transition to Collabora. Could Animorph ( have a test ride as well?


Sure, have sent you a message with account details :slight_smile:


We spent some time at Wortely Hall evaluating NextCloud and suggest it should be used as a place to share documents for CoTech business and potentially for collaborations between CoTech members.

A write up of our finds can be found on the wiki:


The Nextcloud server was updated today to the latest version.

The recommendations from Wortley Hall should be posted to Loomio for formal agreement?

  1. Nextcloud should be used for non-public collaboration between CoTech member co-ops.
  2. Every CoTech member co-op should have at least one individual who has administrative permissions on Nextcloud.
  3. Deprecating CoTech’s use of Google Drive in favour of Nextcloud.

If there are any co-ops who still need accounts please ask!


This is glorious, just finished migrating our important stuff from g (docs and calendar, very smooth).
However, I only now realised point 1. @chris
Given the recommendation, can we keep our documents on the server? We do not throw heavy stuff in but what’s the storage limit? If we cannot use it for internal Animorph documents storage, what would you suggest?
Are you planning to introduce a contribution fee to support the server?
In future developments you’ve mentioned shared calendars. Are you thinking of eventually moving Space4 calendar onto Nextcloud too?
Well done guys!!!


@SzczepanOfAnimorph I’m afraid I don’t have immediate answers to your questions!

I have no objection to individual co-ops using it for their internal documentation with a caveat that we should configure the permissions and groups to enable this to be done in a manner that protects individual co-ops privacy (and I’m sure this can be done since other organisations, for example GreenNet appear to offer accounts on shared Nextcloud servers). In addition due to the costs of managed Nextcloud servers it does make sense to share, especially for smaller co-ops. Of course dedicated servers make sense for larger organisations, especially since we can federate documents between us.

If the recommendations from Wortley Hall are placed onto Loomio and agreed then perhaps the next step would be to agree a minimal set of usage guidelines and look at things like quotas, costs and permissions in a little more detail.

In the meantime I have no problem with people using this service as they wish — @SzczepanOfAnimorph what you have done is fine by me.


I’ve installed the MacOS client app. (
Out of the box the Mac client runs a wizard to get you connected.

The URL suggested by is

The Mac client responds to this with a “Connection Failed” message, suggesting that I should either use a different URL, retry over unencrypted http, or configure a client-side TLS certificate. Then reports that the SSL handshake failed.

Browsing to this URL offers a login, and if I use my Nextcloud login credentials it gets me into a page that reports that this is the WebDAV interface, suggesting that my client config is at fault.

Digging into this it transpires that this client is broken and doesn’t work. Mac users should instead download the current beta version ( as I write this) from

Why they have a public release of the Mac client that doesn’t actually work seems pretty weird to me, but this beta release seems to work fine for me.


Thanks for taking the time to test the OSX client @Graham, could you add your conclusion to the wiki page so others can find it there?

The server is set up so that unencrypted connections are not allowed, it is also set to use a fairly modern set of ciphers and perhaps the old OSX client has an issue with this (I’m guessing at this stage)?


Wiki page duly edited.
Looks like it’s been an issue for some time now:


@Graham thanks and good find — my guess was spot on based on a quick scan of that thread…


Glad to hear all this NextCloud love!

GreenNet offer 2 packages - 1 is on a shared install for individuals, and
the other is a custom install for organisations.

So we have a few years experience of supporting customers and of using
Nextcloud for our own filestore and shared calendars (via CalDAV)
We’re also in contact with the NextCloud folk about marketing and
occasionally tech/dev questions

I have connected the CoTech cloud to my GreenNet account using my federated
ID like so

We really like it, and see it as an important component in the independent
infrastructure and viable alternative to G*ogle


I have posted the Nextcloud recommendations which came from the evaluation conducted at Wortley Hall as a Loomio proposal.

I have started creating Nextcloud groups for each co-op (only created a few, it would be best if people created their own) — this should be handy for doing things like sharing a directory of files between two co-ops if they are working on a joint bid, for example.

If any co-ops don’t yet have an admin account which enable the creation of other accounts please shout!


Hi Chris

Can I have an account please?




@shaun I have set you up with an account.


I’m afraid that the web based document editing, which uses Collabora Online appears to be broken since upgrading Docker, when opening documents you get:

Failed to load the document. Please ensure the file type is supported and not corrupted, and try again.

I have yet to track down the answer to this…


I found the answer to the Collabora Online issue and it it basically “switch it (in this case Docker) off an on again” :roll_eyes:.