Cotech is working :-)

Just wanted to share a happy story - we had a request from someone working for an existing client who is involved in another charitable organisation in their spare time. This org has a small Joomla site. They asked us if we could help them support it - we said it was probably better to get someone with recent experience involved, and asked mediablazehosts and open-ecommerce if they wanted to pick it up. We had replies within hours, and last week I got a lovely email from our contact saying it had been a very positive experience discussing their needs with both parties, they’d learned more about worker coops and felt a lot of affinity with us due to working in the charitable sector, and they felt supported to move the project forward in an affordable way. WELL DONE EVERYONE :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, Tom, that is a heartwarming tale indeed!


This is awesome!

Good job open ecommmerce! Great to see this we’re very happy even if we don’t get the job is nice to be recognised :slight_smile: