CoTech Gathering Autumn 2020?

Hi everyone,

On the monthly call yesterday, we briefly floated the idea of a gathering in the autumn. I was tasked with polling members to gauge interest so we’d really appreciate it if you could spend a minute filling out this form.
Of course, these are not normal times, and I for one am still coming to terms with the return to some sort of normality, so in some ways it feels crazy to be even considering it. Having said that, if there is a way to make it happen safely then it could be of benefit to people personally (socialising etc ) and to the network (hacking stuff, sharing learnings).
It may be possible to have a gathering at a place in Oxford I am volunteering at which has lots of covered outdoor space and is pretty close to the centre. I think we would need to limit numbers and consider camping as the primary accommodation option. Agile Collective peeps may be able to help with this but I’ll need to talk to folk first and see what’s possible.
So first step, fill out the form and we can see if it’s a goer!


I’d be on for this even if it ends up being a small camping event like the 2017 summer camp (which I sadly missed):