CoTech Gathering 2018: Shared Hosting and Infrastructure


Wonderful. Thank you.


Hi guys and gals,

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the gathering, however hopefully I will be able to dial in thanks to @polly
Look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.


We are going to use Nextcloud talk for a video link up of this session that is now due to start at 3:30pm, use this URL to join:


Did anyone take any notes on the agreed outcome of this session and could they post them to the wiki if they did?

There is interest in this at a global level, a thread on, Coop hosting services to compete with Google/Amazon, has been started on the (private for now, but accounts are being given out and hopefully it will be public one day) ICA Discourse site that has been setup to organise a global Co-operative IT Network.


@shaun do you know if someone took notes? I recall there was a few things we agreed to do following the meeting…

This looks like it really is worth joining — the following has just been posted there and I have asked for some more details…

At gcoop, we have, where we provide services, on our own infrastructure with Open Stack.



Yes, someone agreed to take notes. Leo I think?


Tom from Aptivate did.


Tom isn’t here is he? Who has contact details?


That would be @toml?


I think there are two Toms at Aptivate


Yes there are :slight_smile: I’ll ping TomD.


I do have the minutes from the shared infra meeting. How do I get a wiki login in order to post them? Otherwise can drop me an email and I’ll pass them on.


From the front page of the wiki click the Communication Channels link which will take you to the part of the front page which links to the Infrastructure and Communication page, from there click the Wiki link that takes you to the part of the page that explains how to get an account:

Wiki (

Documentation for CoTech. Accounts available to members of CoTech only.

To create an account on this wiki ask an existing admin to create an account for you by using the create account page (the account creation page only works for wiki admins).

After account creation the user rights form can be used to add the user to the Administrators group (to allow them to create accounts for others) and potentially the Bureaucrats group to allow them to create other Administrators.

I have just created an account for you, best check your spam folder in case it was filtered there.


I’ve put up my notes here:

Sorry for the delay - kept on falling off my stack toward the end of the year!


Brilliant. Thanks Tom