CoTech Code of Conduct

Also see Needs to be pushed forward.

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That’s a good idea. Is there anything we need to do other than picking one and saying that it applies here? Happy to try and help move that along but just want to make sure I’m up to speed on any discussions that have previously happened.

Speaking for myself, I’m really happy that this forum gets used by a much wider group of people than just CoTech members. But as CoTech is paying to run this software and CoTech members are using their free time to moderate it, I think we can probably make decisions (such as closing threads) to minimise the time we need to spend moderating if it’s getting too much.

They are not simply designed for online communications so it would be odd to apply one only to an online forum without amendment?

Better to have one that applies to CoTech as a whole, we will hopefully be able to have physical meetings again in 2021.

I’d suggest using the Mozilla one as the basis, it is the most comphresive and professional looking and is CC-SA, we would need to edit it to some extent and then agree it (via a Loomio vote?), perhaps we could use a repo or a page so we can see diffs for the edits?

Not a mod but I’m a big fan of contributors covenant which works well for online communities but can easily be applied/extended to in-person events as well.

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Good suggestion, I like that fact that it is shorter that the Mozilla one.

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here are two I had a hand in writing, if interested