CoTech at EMF Camp, August 2018


Wahoo - CoTech village! Hope you all have a great time :slight_smile:


This looks cool and I don’t live very far away, how many CoTech people are going?


Would love to attend this, however I don’t thing crutches and camping mix hahaha maybe next time have fun all that are going it looks like it’ll be awesome


If anyone at EMF has DECT setup (, my number is 3879. Call me :smile:


Will get in touch, three of us are coming, though not sure if we can make it this eve or tomorrow morning… See ya!


To anyone who’s considering coming but they don’t have a ticket: we have got one spare!

We’ll arrive late in the evening, but could help you in around 9:30pm or anytime tomorrow!


Just got back home from EMF.

Wow! :smiley:

I didn’t run into any of the CoTech crew, but there was lots of stuff going on…

@liam: There were several people using crutches, as well as a few in mobility chairs and a few that were wheelchair-enabled. There were accessible toilets and showers.

Maybe the next one in 2020. :smiley: