Coops UK Upcoming AGM

Hi gang,

I’ve been asked by Kayleigh to speak on her behalf at the upcoming Coops UK AGM, and wanted to check with you guys if there was anything specific relating to co tech you would like me to bring up, bearing in mind the speech is only to be 5 mins long.

I’d appreciate any input you may have.

Take care

Hi Liam. sorry, but I’m a bit confused here. Are you saying that CoTech has been invited to speak at the AGM? (If so I wasn’t aware of that - must have missed that thread).

That aside, good news, great that you have an opportunity to speak (presumably on behalf of CoTech rather than Kayleigh), and I’ll be very happy to give some thought to possible content.

Hi @graham Kayleigh was initially due to go however can’t make it to Manchester and I’m next door to coop HQ so she asked if I was available, she intended to speak about co tech and how it’s influenced it’s members, talk about Space 4 and how both co tech and Outlandish set it up as an incubator for worker coops.

I plan on putting something together and sharing it with you, just wanted to get your thoughts and ideas on how co tech has benefitted you and what your experience has been like thus far.

Let me know if there’s anything you want to discuss.



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