Coopoly Game wanted

A friend is having trouble buying a copy of the game (as a wedding present) and I wonder if anyone knows of a stock elsewhere?

Hi Felix - i’m afraid the bad news is that it really doesn’t seem possible to get new ones in the UK and possibly not in the US either - as far as I can tell, Toolbox didn’t do a third print run after the 2nd run sold out and I sold all the ones I ever had. I’ve also been trying to get a batch of new ones for years now :frowning: Sorry for the bad news

Possible alternate: - I think Stacco Troncoso may be involved.

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Oh this looks good! And there’s even someone with the same surname as Felix involved :slight_smile: Shall I do a bulk order, who else wants one? They’re E40 each plus postage, I can bring them to the worker co-op weekend for cheaper redistribution

And you can download and print it and they’ll send you an editable version, so you could make your own personalised version as a wedding present!

I’ve got a spare one that I’d be happy to donate or sell @Felix

Hello Aaron

Wow! that would be great.