CoopHub: git repos from cooperatives around the world!

Our friends in Fiqus have launched CoopHub, “git repos from cooperatives around the world!”.

The site is generated from this repo:

At the moment it only supports GitHub repos but there is an issue for adding GitLab support:

The tweet announcing the launch of the site:


Thanks for sharing! Just to LYK, you can be part of coophub doing a Pull Request. Here we explain how to do that coophub/ at master · fiqus/coophub · GitHub. Help us to make it grow!



Brilliant initiative! I already sent it to Enspiral, Loomio and Resonate’s people. Keep it up!

This is a great initiative. I’ve taken a task to add our repositories to it.


Support for has been added to and the site is pulling in Webarchitects repos :slightly_smiling_face:.

We could potentially create a pull request to add the Cotech group to cooperatives.yml file (using the GitLab group name, cotech, for the login) if we wanted and also other co-operatives hosting public code on could do the same.

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Looking at the list of co-ops on, all are from the Americas apart form Webarchitects and Camplight, there must be some other CoTech co-ops with some public GitHub / GitLab / repos that you can share?

It is simple to add your co-op, fork the repo, add some metadata and open a pull request :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey thanks for this! We’re getting onto this shortly (