Cooperative Member Experience Design & Research

Hello everyone!

My name is Collin Ferguson, I’m from Portland, Oregon, USA, and I am starting a career as a UX Researcher – or should I say, “Cooperative Member Experience” (CMX) Researcher?

I am interested in networking with other CMX professionals.

To start a conversation, I am curious to know what you think the intersections are between User Experience Principles and International Cooperative Values and Principles.

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Hi Collin, nice to meet you!

I’m intrigued by “Cooperative Member Experience” - could you explain how you understand that term?

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I apologize for my late reply.

Essentially, I follow User Experience Design principles (What are design principles? | IxDF) in the application of Cooperative Values and Principles. Creating a good co-op experience, especially if the member experience is partly conducted through a smart phone application, requires designers to check their biases and have a firm grasp on the barriers that may prevent a member from participating.