Coop Congress London 23rd June (and new member introduction)

Is anyone else attending the Coop Congress, 23rd June, London?

Would be nice to meet up with anyone else attending.
Incidentally, they offered me a heavily discounted ticket price for attending a workshop earlier in the year.

And by way of a new member self-introduction:
I’ve worked in start-ups most of my career, some successful, some not - but a common factor was the disappointing behaviour once the smell of money was in the air. Many of those that made money had a tenuous relationship with making a substantial contribution - and many of those that had contributed massively saw little or no reward.

I want to do it differently.

I’ve finally taken the plunge, used my own start-up capital to develop prototype - but I’m keen to find an alternative to the angel-investor/venture-capital route.

My background is very much electronics hardware and embedded systems. I’m not quite ready to whip the covers off my project, but it’s B2B aimed at the live entertainment sector.

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Hi Dominik,

I’d guess quite a few people from CoTech network will be at Congress. Pretty sure I saw the Outlandish lot saying they’ll be there.

I’m also planning on attending the Unfound platform co-op incubator live crowdfunding pitches in the afternoon so planning to arrive around 4.20pm… may be see you there! :slight_smile:

I was there but not sure if we met? There were a lot of people. Loved it, especially the platform co-op session, and @harry’s session. Its great to finally get together with like minded people!

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