Convention Against Neoliberalism Planning Group Invite

The following came through to the contact email list, would anyone be interested in representing CoTech at the Saturday November 24th Planning Group meeting in Wigan?

Dear Co-Tech

Your organisation is warmly invited to be part of a Planning Group to prepare a Convention Against Neoliberalism (CAN) for the spring of 2019.

The formation of the Planning Group will take place in Wigan on Saturday November 24, at the Sunshine House Community Hub, Wellington Street, Wigan WN1 3SA from 11am to 5.30pm.

This is a call out to organisations around the UK to share ideas, analytical tools and strategies to shape a new, democratic, unifying counter-hegemony to the oppression of neoliberalism. As an equal member of the Planning Group you will take a steering role in themes, actions and organisation of the Convention.

Building a united, community resistance is vital as the 29 March deadline for leaving the EU looms. It could easily be a year of the unexpected which can become an opportunity to campaign for real democracy and people’s power to transcend the present system.

Tackling the ecological crisis and creating a co-operative, not-for-profit economy are integral parts of the challenge, in our view. We also need to sound alarm bells about the danger of international war as the system spirals out of control and step up campaigns against militarism, nuclear weapons and the arms trade.The Convention will encourage and support a community and organiser fight back, aware that such a movement has to target the material conditions and cultural projections of capitalism, to fight both neoliberal governance and the far right.

The Convention can also be an opportunity to work with others to prepare to influence and support a Corbyn-led government.

As part of the contribution to the way forward, the Real Democracy Movement recently published “Time’s Up for Neoliberalism” which you can download or purchase here . Participant organisations will be encouraged to submit proposals for circulation.

Please let us know if your campaign/organisation will join others in Wigan on November 24. Reserve your place via Eventbrite but please also let us know by emailing

Gerry, Dan, Corinna, Paul, Joe and Tom
Facebook: Real Democracy Movement