Consultant needs a Co-op

After completing a PhD in March, I started trying to get some freelance coder/copywriter work. Thankfully, my efforts are beginning to pay off. Hence, I need to create an entity to get paid (asap).

I would prefer it if that entity were NOT a limited liability thingy. Are there any co-ops out there that might be able to help?

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What’s the entity for? Are you looking to be an employee of the entity/coop?

Is there a blocker on you being a sole trader?

I’m a member of a freelancer’s coop, we are all either sole traders or employees of our own companies. The coop is usually used as a service to help you get jobs rather than get paid once you’ve found your own.


You could have a look at which @dansmallaxe was involved with making

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Or speak to @Sion who has helped a few of the Co-ops in the CoTech network to set-up Worker Co-op Companies Limited by Guarantee (which is also quick and easy).

Hi @KingMob - yeah, it’s to help me get paid, really. And I want to pay more than lip service to the cooperative movement.

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@jdaviescoates - looks really interesting. Unfortunately, there’s only one of me :cry:

I did speak to Chris Mattingly, at, which I thought was perfect. He was really helpful; however, because I’m currently delivering apps for some pre-agreed fee (rather than working for x days @ £someAmount), he didn’t think he could help me :cry:

There’s nothing to stop you from setting up a co-operative using a company legal form (either a company limited by shares or a company limited by guarantee), or a limited liability partnership. Where I’m unclear is why you want an entity separate from yourself. You are in effect a sole trader and there’s nowt wrong with that. Setting up a legal entity involves cost and admin, so I’d probably only really consider it if you are seriously looking at involving others, or if there’s a substantial financial benefit involved.


Thanks @Graham - yeah, I think you’re right - Sole Trader seems as though it’s my best option.

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@glowkeeper What sort of code do you write?

Frontend react, backend Go REST APIs and Blockchains -

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Thanks @glowkeeper - useful to know

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I was contracting through a Limited Company that i set up, and after i screwed up with the filing, i was told to go away till i was more together and could keep the paperwork in line. ( Companies House were very sympathetic when i explained the situation. )

That said, as long as you can fulfill the required bureaucracy, then it’s worth doing, as there are some contracts where the contract awarders definitely don’t want someone who is self-employed, as it gives a single-point-of-failure for the contract.

There’s also the fact that when you present yourself as a company, you’re also giving the unspoken signals that say you are together enough to keep the paperwork in order, so are a more reliable long-term bet. :slight_smile:

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I’ve done the whole Ltd company thing a few times, so I’m well aware of the paperwork overhead; I’ve reached the opinion that there’s more to life. Plus, I think limited liability has an awful lot to answer for, and I’m not sure I want any part of it.