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As you may know at - the Online Meeting Co-operative - we are running a co-operative initiative for a collective infrastructure for running online meetings. Several CoTech members have been participating from the start, in May 2020.

Finding the right model and governance structure, in the middle between commons and cooperative traditions, is certainly a challenge. For that reason we’re starting a monthly gathering to share inputs and learn from each other to steer that process. It’ll result in a handbook, multistakeholder governance protocol and General Assembly that should be useful for likeminded initiatives.

Read here the invitation.

Sign up here for the first session:

Session #1 - Intro

Wouter Tebbens, Mike Hales ( Community circle) - Intro to commons.hour: intentions of the series, rationale for the running list of sessions, methodology for designing a coop-commons - including governance.

27 September 2021 Gathering starts 18:00 UTC, closes at 19:00. Extra time runs from 19:00 for half an hour, for offers & wants, and informal check-in.

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Hi Wouter, thanks, this looks like a good idea. Just to check, you’ve put it at 18:00 UTC, “fourth Monday, every month, 18:00h UTC / 19:00h CET” Now, 18:00 UTC is 20:00 CEST which is still in force for September and 25 October. Do you mean 20:00 CEST for September and October, then 19:00 CET for November through February (4th Monday in March is already CEST again I think), or do you mean 20:00 CEST and CET throughout, or (less likely) 19:00 CEST and CET throughout?

Hi Simon, yes you’re right that the time differences change at certain points between UTC and CET. Tough stuff :wink: So to keep things simple we only refer to UTC. We always start at 18h UTC, each 4th Monday of the month.

Hopefully you can make it next Monday! Do sign up on the sign up page in the so we know who & how many are coming. Thanks!

I’ll miss this one on the 4th but will aim to make the next one! Nice initiative :rocket:

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thanks, @decentral1se , btw the 4th Monday for this month is on the 27th, just to avoid confusion :laughing:

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This iniatiative looks super interesting, thanks for making it happen :sparkles:

THANKS @josef! You’re most welcome to join us tonight :slight_smile: We start at 18h UTC, i.e. 20h central European Summer Time.