Common Knowledge is looking for a content strategist

Have any other co-ops worked with a content strategist before?

We’re wanting to up our publishing game and think a bit more strategically. We thought that a workshop could be a good way to skill up in this area.

Keen to hear if any other co-ops have done this, or whether anyone knows someone that they could recommend?



Hi @gemmacopeland

Michael Wignall and Tim Hunt (Ethical Consumer editor) have just started a new business to do exactly this and would be up for a chat and offer their services.

Michael handles the data side (digital marketing, analytics, SEO etc) and Tim is bringing his experience of running Ethical Consumer’s magazine and online content together to offer both sides of the content process. And they also knows lots about coops so a good fit on that side of things.

I think I suggested Michael when you asked about digital marketing a while back, not sure if you ever spoke or not. Either way his email is michael[at]


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Thanks Aaron! I gave his contact to my client last time but don’t know if they ever followed it up. Just sent Michael an email now :slight_smile:

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Hi Gemma,

You’re welcome! I don’t think they ever got in touch… such is the way of life :slight_smile:



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