CoLab Cooperative hiring WordPress Developer

Hello cooperative tech friends!

CoLab Cooperative is looking to fill a part-time, remote position for a full-stack WordPress developer.

We work with social justice organizations, non-profits, other B Corps, educational institutions and businesses who add net good to society and the environment. This is your chance to work with super friendly, values-aligned people and potentially become a member-owner.

If you know anybody who is interested, please send them to our job post listing and see if the role is right!


Hey there

I’d love to know why no details about renumeration are included in your advertisement? I thought coops stood apart for being clearer and more transparent about things like pay.


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hi @usayd . I’ll check with the hiring team on this one; I know we have posted rates in job listings in the past so I’ll see if we can do the same for this one :slight_smile:

I agree it’s good to see in job postings

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