Co-op or co-operator to deliver social media services wanted

I’m reposting the following from Facebook on behalf of Jo from Co-operative Business Consultants:

CBC is looking for a co-op or co-operator to deliver social media services before and during Ways Forward 6 conference: Co-operative Solidarity. Around 6 days of social media work would start in early January. You’d need to live stream the event in Manchester on 16 February. Expenses and modest fees can be covered. Please get in touch with Jo Bird asap if you are interested.

Perhaps they should consider paying people the living wage for their labour :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Did you miss this?

Expenses and modest fees can be covered.

I’ve just spoken with Jo.
They are looking to live stream the event from the Methodist Church Central Hall in Manchester, they have a budget although not that big, the firm they used last year went bust so hence then reaching out, however they are also looking for widespread promotion of the event in the run up to February, now I’m not sure how much has been done and obviously with Christmas in between it doesn’t leave much time.
We could help assist in terms of setting up a live stream and live blogging the event on the day but would require help in procurement of equipment potentially if anyone here would be interested in collaborating on this, again understanding the short notice.


Yep I saw it, but the living wage is specifically £8.75 per hour. When I did social media work for a business conference this year, I was paid £9 per hour. Previously I have been compelled to do work like that for free. I just worry we are replicating exploitative structures is all :smirk:.