Cloudron is awesome (and currently offering 50% off for life)

Hi all, I’ve just started playing around with Cloudron and I really love it.

It was super easy for a non developer like me to get it installed on cheap as chips but 100% renewable energy powered Hetzner cloud :slight_smile:

What I really love about Cloudron is it makes it super easy to have e.g. open source slack clone RocketChat at chat.yourdomain.cooop, open source trello clone WeKan at, open source g suite replacement NextCloud (plus ONLYOFFICE or Collabora) at etc etc - something I’ve always wanted to be able to easily do. Single Sign On (SSO) works with most of the apps too - so users can login to all these different apps using the same credentials. It rocks!

And right now you can get 50% off Cloudron subscriptions for life using HAPPY2020 coupon code - I just subscribed :smiley: (oh AND I think if you use the United Diversity referral code 5adcafc820c53c3d you’ll get one month free too - as so will we! Subscribe now!)


Thanks for sharing it. I’ll definitely consider it.

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