Cloudflare Technical Support

Hi CoTech,

I really need to speak to someone at Cloudflare about a missing login ID and guess what, you can’t email them unless you login first, and there is no phone or chat support.

Does anyone have a direct dial or an email address for a Cloudflare support manager that I could use? Pretty please? :pray:

Thanks for your help!


Lol. I guess not. Surprised no one uses Cloudflare.

Sorry nobody has been able to help you @DavidRandall , we have quite a few clients that use Cloudflare and I expect other CoTech co-ops do as well, but all our clients are all on the free tier and haven’t needed to ever speak with anyone at Cloudflare as far as I’m aware.

Thank for your response Chris. It’s just as well they never tried to contact them because it’s a nightmare. Like Facebook (if anyone evert tried), they have no customer contact function whatsoever. Hopeless. Thanks anyway.

In that case it sounds like your only option might be to update the DNS servers for the domain to non-Cloudflare ones then and then create a new Cloudflare account and then switch back? That is assuming you have access to the domain name at the registrar?

The original domain registration was with Ionos (1and1) but Ionos said they couldn’t help because the domain has been transferred to Cloudflare.

Oh dear, if it is a .uk then you should be able to take it up directly with fairly easily – they are structured like a co-op, we are members. If it is a .coop then should be able to help, they are based in the UK. For all other top level domains you might find they are almost as hard to deal with as Cloudflare are…

Thanks Chris, these are dot UK, and We’ll see.

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Cloudflare are not the Registrar for either domain:

whois | grep Registrar -A2
        Ionos SE [Tag = 1AND1]

whois | grep Registrar -A2
        Gandi [Tag = GANDI]

The domain name Registrars are 1AND1 and GANDI so these organisations can change the nameservers and if you are unable to communicate with them then the owners of the domain names (the Registrant) can go directly to Nominet (the Registry) and get the Tag changed to a organisation you can communicate with, for example Webarchitects are Nominet members, our Tag is WEBARCHITECTS.

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Thanks for your help with this Chris. Someone called Andi Petri who has a Cloudflare account of his own was able to resolve this issue for me. The sites are back under control, although they both need working on. :slight_smile: