Clients list only displaying 6 clients on CoTech website

There are only six client listed on the website currently:


I need to report it here but I don’t have an account:

@kawaiipunk - thanks for the bug report! As it turns out, that was an intentional change to reduce the page weight from 25-odd MB to something much smaller. There is some code that chooses a new set of “some clients” at random each time the site is rebuilt, and we have an issue open to randomise that on a regular schedule.

You need to be a member of webarchitects to have an account on the instance at the moment.

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I’m not sure if there is an issue been opened for displaying random lists of clients? There is one to delete them altogether. If we do want to keep them there is an SSI trick we could use to serve up semi-random lists based on time (include different fragments of HTML based on the number of seconds past the current minute for the time of the request), or something could be done on the client site using JavaScript (I’d be happy doing it using SSI, someone else would have to do a JavaScript implementation).

@kawaiipunk the background to the creation of can be found in the Git hosting for co-operators thread on Loomio and if you want to join Webarchitects Co-operative it only costs £1 (though we suggest the minimum number of shares an individual buys is 10, 100 for an organisation, but these are only suggestions).