CICOPA General Assembly in Kigali this Sunday

I am going to Rwanda to represent UK, US and Canadian worker coops at the world congress of coops in industry and services (worker coops, artisan coops, social and health coops etc). I more than suspect that tech worker coops are still off the radar of these organisations and would like to talk about it there - for instance, I don’t think FATIC in Argentina is networked with the ‘old’ worker coop fed, FECOOTRA. This is fairly typical but not a good thing in my view. Can anyone summarise which countries CoTech has tech worker coop contacts in that I could talk about?

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Hi Sion,

My name is Nicolás, I am a member of an Argentinean tech worker co-op called Fiqus, which is associated to FACTTIC.

Tomorrow I will be travelling to Kigali, to represent FACTTIC during the ICA event. As a federation, we have a relationship with CICOPA Argentina, in fact I have also been talking to people from CICOPA Italy to participate in the assembly that will be held on Sunday 13th. Besides participating in the assembly, my idea is to get together there to continue talking about how we can stay more connected in order to work collaboratively.

My email is If you want, you can write me so we can get in touch and meet while we are there.


Hi Nicolás

This is great news, when I spoke to one of the CICOPA staff team about FATTIC they were unsure. I really look forward to meeting you on Sunday. You can get me on this email. When do you arrive?

And I apologise for getting FACTTIC wrong twice. You like long acronyms in Argentina :slight_smile:

Hi Sion,

There’s no problem with the name, it’s true that it’s long and confusing at first.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see your email to write you. If you can please send me an email so we can get in touch.

I will be arriving to Kigali on Sunday 13th at 1 AM. The first activity I will participate in will be CICOPA congress.

I am waiting to be confirmed if I can attend, as it is by invitation of someone internal to CICOPA. So if you can help me with that it would be great.

If you like we can continue this by email.

Thank you very much.