Cheap bulk mailing for email newsletters etc?

Anyone got any recommendations for cheap bulk mailing for email newsletters etc?

I’m working with a client to look at potential options. They already have over 4000 subscribers and so services like MailChimp which are free up to 2000 subscribers are pretty pricey thereafter - with 4000 subscribers MailChimp would cost $49.99/month.

What do people here use/ recommend (either themselves or to their clients).



I don’t know what other tools your client is using, but of course I’d suggest and recommend using CiviCRM which not only gives you pretty much everything you’ll get from Mailchimp without the cost, but will also provide a pile of additional tools that might well come in really handy, like membership management, event management , contact management, donation handling, etc., etc. It plugs into a Wordpress/Drupal/Joomla website and is AGPL licensed. With 4000 addresses you can easily send and manage bulk mail without need for a third-party SMTP service, but important to have your email reputation ducks in a row.

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I’ve tried out for a survey we fronted for a client. Worked well for me. Probably worth comparing the price - i think it’s cheaper than mailchimp

You’re welcome to ask me more if interested.



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Well, quite. And that is really what you’re paying MailChimp etc for, I guess. It’s obviously not that easy to get right.

Thanks, does look cheaper than MailChimp, yes (roughly $15 vs $50)

Well, actually pretty straightforward IMHO. Get your DNS records sorted (re: SPF, DKIM, etc). Don’t use mailservers for your domain that might also be used by spammers. And write email content that doesn’t look like spam. Been sending bulk mail on this basis for decades with no major issues. If I was regularly sending 100,000+ messages a week I might look at a service like sendgrid or sparkpost, largely to avoid load on my servers rather than to improve deliverability.

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Good Old Mailman:

Vintage basic open source kit (on our well-maintained servers, naturally!)

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Ever since Postal was released under a free software license I have considered if Webarchitects should offer it as a service, but since it needs a VM with 8GB of RAM it would have to be shared across a lot of clients for it to be a cheap service.

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