Can I join coTech as a freelance UX designer?

I want to join CoTech but I don’t have a formal Coop, I’m just a freelance UX designer and I work with another graphic designer and film maker too. Is there a way to formally join at all on that basis or do I need to formally set up a coop?


Where are you based Onkar?

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I’m based in London - UK :slight_smile:

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Hey Onkar,

Thanks for getting in touch! Only coops can join CoTech, not individuals. So unfortunately you won’t be able to join as yourself. However, there might be other ways to get involved. For example, you could join an existing coop (see jobs here: About the Jobs category or just reach out to any that you like the look of. Also, we run a small coworking space in Finsbury Park where we have quite a few coops working. If you’re anywhere near you could pop by and get a feel for it/meet some coops. We were running events but these are on hold for the time being!

Hope to meet you soon :slight_smile:


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Would you consider joining Crystalisr? The idea is to run a platform co-op for micro-businesses to help the self-employed improve their standard of living. The members will be early adopters, i.e. people with good digital skills and a flexible workflow who are prepared to take a risk in building something up.
The market we are are fishing in for business is the South London Sub-region, which includes Croydon, Richmond, Kingston, Merton and Sutton.

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Hi Onkar!

I’m a freelance developer and member of Code-Operative, a Newcastle-based freelancer’s co-op within CoTech. I’m also a part of Happy Dev, a network of around 500 freelancers which have spread across France

We’ve been discussing for a while starting up another freelancers co-op in Edinburgh, maybe soon a Happy Dev Amsterdam, it’d be amazing to see something in London too! There’s an international community here to develop :smile:

Would you like to have a video call? I can describe the different orgs, how they operate, how to join CoTech, how we started Code-Op etc

Also very interested in Crystalisr! What’s the best way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on? I’m now based in Paris so I’m not sure I’m a good connection for the Newcastle-based stuff but maybe @KingMob has a perspective

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Hi @calummackervoy, that sounds really great. Let’s chat for sure as I run a UX/UI meetup group in London with around 2000 members and I’m sure lots of them would be interested joining such a coop or an existing one. It would be really helpful for me to chat to you. What’s the best way to get in touch?


Thanks Onkar sounds great! I’ve sent you a PM to arrange a time

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