Camplight co-op is looking for up to 4 Senior Full Stack Engineers

Hi everyone!

Hope 2023 brings great emotions and much success to all of you! <3

If we have not met during the past 3-4 years, I am Naska, part of the tech co-op We exist for 11 years with a focus on partnerships and our own products.

We are growing one of our existing projects where we are the technical partner of a business in the travel industry. Our partners are based in UK, but the team is distributed in several locations and time zones. Currently, 2 of the Camplighters are working on the project.

I am sharing detailed information below and would love to get in touch with everyone interested in the opportunity. You can also use my email for a follow-up communication on the topic -

Do you remember your last vacation trip? How many hours do you put in to build the itinerary? The enlightening moments you had when all went smoothly and the stress you experienced when you had to deal with changing schedules, booking cancellations, and crappy experiences? We all want to savor our vacations because they are our islands of ephemeral pleasure across an ocean of responsibilities and demands.

Join us to help yourself and millions of others by crafting world-class software systems for the experiences industry. Traveltech is being disrupted by aggregating global tours and experiences much in the way that flights and hotels have been aggregated over the past two decades. We’re in the center of this evolution. You will be part of the team building both internal and client-facing software systems that drive many of the world’s biggest travel brands and unlock enlightening moments for people around the world on their vacations.

Your skills and thoughts will have a lasting impact through production systems deployed for over 100 partner white-label sites and used as integration endpoints for travel systems worldwide. You will also help consumers of experiences to continue to have life-changing travels and come home relaxed and ready to contribute to our civilization moving forward.

We are seeking a senior full-stack engineer to join a small team that is building a complex ecosystem using modern software engineering practices and languages. You will have the potential to develop your skills under the mentorship of others in the company and have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills as the team continues to scale over the next 18 months.

We’re a team of passionate engineers who are looking to push the boundaries of what is possible with technology and become the driving force behind the future of the travel industry. We are looking for someone who is excited to create a great user and developer experience enjoys working closely with others, and can confidently deliver software projects that make a significant contribution to the goals of the organization.

The Role

You will be one of a pool of senior engineers to join the team. Working with Typescript, Node and React in a completely serverless AWS infrastructure. You will work as a senior member of the team to build a suite of business applications, portals and APIs.

You will bring an in-depth understanding of the Typescript, Node, and React stack, and of deployment best practices. You will relish the opportunity to coach and mentor more junior members of the team and collaborate with, challenge, and contribute to the strategies of the entire organization.

You will have experience building projects from scratch in Typescript, Node, React & NextJS including all elements of the stack from database design through API and UI. You will have excellent visualization skills and be able to plan a component hierarchy from a flat design. You will be excited about creating great user and developer experiences and understand that great APIs and interfaces are as much about the simplicity of adoption as they are about the complexity of the operation.


Above all, you will write, commit, test, and deploy production-ready secure code that advances the goals of the business.

In a single day, you must be capable of managing multiple simultaneous lines of work and communication, you will be energized by working with cross-functional agile teams, based remotely.

As a significant contributor, you will be influential in helping to structure an “agile” process that is fit for the team size and goals. You will contribute daily to the scoping, estimating, planning, allocation and execution of software design and development. You will work with senior management, product designers, developers, dev-ops and testers, acting occasionally as an architect with a role in the evolution of the tech infrastructure.

You will be constantly faced with and required to solve business and technical challenges. You will need an inquisitive mindset and an ability to lead discussions internally and with clients to understand requirements and propose solutions and architectures that deliver innovation, value and efficiency in business processes as well as in the software that supports them.

As a senior developer, you will:

  • Contribute to a massive scale, secure, GraphQL API used by hundreds of the worlds biggest travel brands.
  • Ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs.
  • Working with the other engineers to deliver intuitive tools that are a joy to use.
  • Share your feedback in design and code reviews to ensure the team is constantly raising the bar.
  • Create secure resilient code that can be deployed in a scalable fault-tolerant serverless infrastructure.
  • Feel a real sense of achievement from completing and delivering projects in less time than you thought possible.
  • Never say “that’s not my job”.
  • Always take time to mentor more junior members of the team so that one day they may be as awesome as you are and you can move to the next level!

About You

  • You’ve delivered several large agile software projects in the past covering a variety of products including APIs and responsive web applications.
  • You relish the challenge of working on multiple interconnected workstreams across the tech stack.
  • You’ve worked in a multi-disciplined and highly capable development team, designing and building business systems and data services with an emphasis on global availability, scalability resilience and performance.
  • You uphold high engineering standards and, in documenting and explaining these standards, you been able to ensure that the whole team understands and adheres to them.

Key Responsibilities

  • Active involvement in the design and development of applications (DB, API, UI).
  • Active involvement in the delivery of software, including estimation, planning and releases.
  • Work collaboratively in a team of engineers ranging from intern to senior architect.
  • Help foster an agile engineering culture that best fits the growing team size, velocity and culture.
  • Work with product managers and internal business stakeholders, and the CTO to define requirements and plans.
  • Compile and maintain good quality systems documentation using tools such as Confluence, Jira and GraphQL Introspection.
  • Contribute to the definition and implementation of good engineering patterns and practices within the team and across the wider tech community.

Essential Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 4 years of commercial experience delivering Node/React and good knowledge of Typescript.
  • Some knowledge and experience in database development, including MySQL.
  • Passion for innovation.
  • Some knowledge of data querying and manipulation using GraphQL is desirable.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • A strong understanding of security practices necessary to protect internet-facing systems from sustained attacks.
  • Experience with the unique challenges managing state in highly scalable fault-tolerant environments.
  • Ability to implement interfaces based on provided UI designs.
  • Knowledge of UI optimization techniques, especially when working with large datasets.

Desirable Experience

  • Production experience with GraphQL.
  • Strong experience of Material UI and/or Styled Components.
  • Knowledge and experience of deploying to cloud services, particularly AWS.
  • Interest in business strategy and how quality software can drive innovation and business growth.
  • Experience with mobile application development using React Native.
  • Knowledge of localization. (I18n).
  • Experience storing unstructured JSON data within the context of a relational database (MySQL).

The Tech Stack

The core database underpinning business systems is MySQL running on the AWS Aurora distributed infrastructure.

Software stack:

  • MySQL - the principal business database deployed in AWS Aurora
  • Node - backend API deployed on Amazon AWS Lambda
  • GraphQL - Written in Apollo - Node, deployed to AWS Lambda accessed via API Gateway as the main API between the UI and the DB
  • React / NextJS - frontend user interface, search engine optimizations, single page application
  • MaterialUI - providing consistency of components in the U
  • React Native - iOS and Android mobile application

Infrastructure Dev/Ops:

Almost 100% of the infrastructure is based within Amazon AWS infrastructure as a service (Iaas) and deployed using CDK. The following AWS services play a critical role in the overall solution.

  • RDS Aurora Serverless for MySql 5.7 - Core relational database
  • Lambda - Many different use cases from microservices to the core GraphQL API
  • Cognito - Authentication Services
  • CloudFront - Log aggregation & Metrics
  • CodeCommit (GIT) - Version control of all code. Mono-repo approach to microservices
  • S3 - Many forms of persistence including over 1M images, all centralized logging and general file storage (Vault)
  • Athena - Query engine for logging and analytics
  • Certificate Manager - Management of HTTPS and Client certificates for both internal and third-party domains
  • Route 53 - Domain management.
  • Secrets Manager - Secure storage of infrastructure secrets and credential rolling.
  • VPC - Secure communications in a private cloud.
  • X-Ray - Trace analytics and performance monitoring.

Process and tools:

  • AGILE - estimates, story points, sprints, demos and flexibility.
  • git - code versioning.
  • Jira and Confluence - documentation and ticket management. Service desk & knowledgebase.
  • VS Code - the IDE of choice.
  • Serverless & CDK - deployments of code and infrastructure.

Hi, Nice to meet you!
I’m Daniel Kaminzky from Germany.
I am an experienced professional Full-stack JS developer working from last 10 years in Web and Mobile app development.
My development skills is
Web: Design | Full Stack JS | PHP (Laravel, Codeigniter) | Python
Mobile App: Design | Android | React Native
I can work 40+ hours per week if necessary and support fast speed with the best efficiency of the working period.
Best regards.

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Hey Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please drop me an email at with your availability this/next week, so we can coordinate a meeting?

Looking forward to it!

I think it’s convenient to talk here.
skype live:.cid.9ce31b5741555b68
telegram @sharp_rk_123
whatsapp +1 562 245 2496
discord @Sharp#9612

I think it’s convenient to talk here.

skype live:.cid.9ce31b5741555b68
telegram @sharp_rk_123
whatsapp +1 562 245 2496
discord @Sharp#9612

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Hey Naska,
Very detailed job description, I appreciate the effort that has gone into it! We’ve done a lot of work on developing our recruitment process and would be happy to share with you how we run the interview process to be as inclusive as possible (we sent out questions first, give a task that people can prepare beforehand etc). Anyway…

What is the day rate/salary you are offering? Most people discount job descriptions that don’t give an indication of this.

We also potentially have some devs that could support you (its pretty much the stack we use for lots of our projects) whilst you are recruiting or for specific sprints or scopes of work. I will drop you a line on your email to see if this might help you out or not.


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