Campaign work for general election

Various co-ops will be doing political campaign work for the general election.

We should co-ordinate our efforts and cross-pollinate our marketing efforts.

Outlandish are doing

School Cuts
Data driven campaign tool made in partnership with the NUT and other unions. We’re updating it so that users can lobby their candidates and see who’s committed to voting against school cuts.

NHS Cuts
A bare-bones version of School Cuts about health cuts.

JC’s homepage
We’re making a new fairly static homepage for

Social Monitoring
We’re using our various social media monitoring platforms to pull in social media, though mostly for post-election analysis.

Some of the designers will be producing some shareables for social media

Vote for policies
Updating so it works with the new manifestos, etc.

Microsite about Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral successes and great work as an MP in Islington North (where Outlandish is based)

Happy to wear my designer hat to help here.

That’s awesome @harry Outlandish are so deserving of the Co-operative of the Year award 2017 :slight_smile:

All I’m expecting to have time for is delivering leaflets to the streets near my house.

Hi. Keen to help - but can’t code or design. I am however the world’s greatest writer (Brooksy would dispute this) and so happy to get involved where I can. Cheers AC

I’m really impressed and inspired by Outlandish’s election efforts - Finn and I dropped by Outlandish Towers earlier this week and @Kayleigh gave us the run-down on all the projects underway. Amazing work!

Let me know if and how I can help.

would love to help. Figure you don’t have much time, so looked for repos I could support (
Are there any you’d like to open up so we can find places to help?

Thanks to an intro from Outlandish, we’ve also been working the NUT, to get the School Cuts campaign and website in front of as many voters as possible before the election. If everyone can give this video a watch and a share, would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Well done! I think you actually made a difference, maybe not right now, but soon and to real lives.