Cambridge Social Innovation Prize

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Me again, I’m out of the office this week so finally getting the chance to catch-up with life outside Co-op Web! :slight_smile:

Another thing Co-ops UK have shared with us, and asked us to pass onto the wider Co-Tech network is the Cambridge Social Innovation Prize. Again I’ve simply copied and pasted the email from Co-ops UK, but hopefully the information is helpful to some on this forum.

£10,000 Cambridge prize for CEOs of scale-up social enterprises

Deadline: Monday 9th March 2020

Cambridge Social Ventures is looking for four outstanding social entrepreneurs with a track record of excellence over 5-10 years and big plans for the future.

The £10,000 Cambridge Social Innovation Prize, awarded by Trinity Hall and the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, supports experienced social CEOs to develop the skills and networks they need to scale their business and their social impact.

The four winners will each get £10,000 to spend on their own individual professional development as CEOs and social sector leaders. This could fund a sabbatical, training, conferences, a study tour or other things which help to grow their business and scale their impact.

An expert business advisor from the University of Cambridge will support each of the winners for six to 12 months to build new skills and forge new connections so they can lead their business forward. This could include introductions to investors, Cambridge student interns, or one-on-one coaching in social finance, sales or impact assessment.

The prize is open to CEOs and founders of social ventures with a 5-10 year record of creating social or environmental impact anywhere in the UK, whether that’s in a local community or on a national level.

Past winners include:

  • Susan Aktemel, founder of Homes for Good in Glasgow (Scotland)
  • Will Britton, founder of AutonoMe in Weston-super-Mare (Somerset)
  • Sarah Neville, cofounder of Birdsong in East London
  • Gareth Roberts, founder of Regather Cooperative in Sheffield (Yorkshire)

The online application form is very straightforward, and the deadline to apply is 9th March 2020.

There is more information online, including the selection and eligibility criteria:


Does anyone know if you can get it if you work in a non-hierarchical organisation, i.e one that doesn’t have a CEO?


Hi Polly,

I assume so, I see from the email a previous winner was from Regather Cooperative - although I have to be honest I don’t know much about their hierarchical structure.

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@SzczepanOfAnimorph @Hannah is this the one that you applied to a while back?

We’ve gone through social ventures incubator (which we recommend!), will probably apply for the prize in question in ~2 years!

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