Call out to #keepiton

Hi all,

GreenNet got DDoSed a couple of weeks ago, and we’re calling on allies to promote the report that we think was targetted.

We got a nice feature on boingboing at the weekend: UK's oldest ISP blames DoS attack on attempt to suppress human rights report about West Papua (read it now!) | Boing Boing
and have written up a blog here: A call to action to defy Internet shutdowns and suppression of political opinion online | GreenNet if you want to know more…

Please promote Papuans behind Bars’ report and defy #InternetShutdowns


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Hey @edmaw, Jeremy Corbyn’s site was attacked a few weeks back too but we managed to respond quite quickly. I like your blog and will share it on Twitter with the hashtags.

It’s good to know that you’re making sites for PNG, we have made a few anti corruption sites too, such as these: and not sure if they’d be useful for your client.

Thanks very much Kayleigh!

We have faced a few DDoS and other attacks over the years, we learn from each one! We’d highly recommend investigating - they are a small-ish independent like most of us, but specialising in DDoS protection.

Thanks for passing the message on!
I’ll pass those contacts on to TAPOL & PBB, we’ve been in touch with a group in SE Asia called SAFEnet #KeepItOn in Papua and West Papua! – SAFENET who are doing awesome work

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