Buisness address to register co-operative?

Does anyone have any advice regarding getting a business mailbox and an address with which to register with? :email::mailbox_with_no_mail::mailbox_with_mail:

We don’t have a physical space as our members are spread all around (including outside the UK) and all of the services I am looking at are not geared towards co-operatives.

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Presumably you need someone to forward you letters, etc?

Most accountants over that as a service I think.

If it’s something multiple co-ops need we could look into Space4 offering something.

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I think so, or maybe a friend could go and pick them up.

Just emailed @polly from Outlandish regarding Space4 and they’re going to look into it over the next week.

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We (Open Data Services) are also a fully distributed team. As @harry says, our accountant offers us a service as a ‘registered address’ and that involves handling company docs.

The only other physical doc we get and I can think of are letters from the bank (now and then a document must be a hard copy, for legal reasons I think), which get sent to the home of one of our members.

We also keep hard copies of certain documents when we have to (e.g. copy of passports). We keep them in a fire proof safe box in the house of another member.

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We (Go Free Range) try to do as much as possible by email, but we use UK Postbox for our registered company address and all other company mail. They scan letters and we can choose what to do with them, e.g. download scan, forward to a personal address, shred, etc, via their website.

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@kawaiipunk - What did you settle for in the end and did it work as needed?

Today is our last day owning an office in Newcastle (very sad) and aren’t sure what to do about our registered business address - we considered leaving it and just setting up a royal mail forwarder but they’re severely more expensive for a business than if I were to do it as a single human.

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Register at SPACE4!!


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This is definitely something we’re considering… how would we tackle our mail situation? x

Well I guess we could forward it to you manually though this isn’t mega convenient for us. There might also be a friendly coworking space in Newcastle who’d provide the service.

Alternatively it could provide you with the perfect excuse to come visit us on a monthly basis :wink:


Hey, try registeredaddress.co.uk, if you use this promo code you’ll get a discount of 10% (828QQKQ)
I’d also recommend UK postbox, again 10% discount (https://client.ipostalmail.net/Signup?Referrer=REF93489)


FWIW we recently switched from my home address as WAO’s registered business address to a virtual one hosted by https://www.londonpresence.com. One of our members had used them before.

(the prompt was when an aggressive HMRC representative came knocking on my door at the end of last year demanding tens of thousands of pounds in ‘unpaid tax’ - turns out they were looking for the completely unrelated ‘We Are Oppen’…)


Just using a home address at the moment.

There are many different companies doing post-box renting and mail-forwarding.

I used British Monomarks for a while.


One thing to look for is where you want to be seen as being based.

There are some advantages to your organisation being based in a specific postcode, but that would depend on which funding sources you are looking at.