Birmingham Tech Co-ops

Me and another member of Autonomic met up with some folks from Co-operative Web at their office in Longbridge.

This was a great experience for us and we will be collaborating with Co-op Web on some work very soon. @Cweb-Nick is also helping finally get registered by putting us in touch with Co-op Futures who will help us understand which rules will suit us in the long term.

We also chatted about doing a tech meetup in Birmingham to promote a co-operative approach (we already have a good venue) and even the possibility on holding the CoTech summit in Brum.

So, the lesson is if there are any other CoTech co-ops in your vicinity, get in touch and go meet them and hang out. That is the best way to build our movement.


Great to meet you the other day @kawaiipunk :slightly_smiling_face:

We look forward to collaborating with you!

We also recently contacted The Developer Society another tech coop in Birmingham who are part of CoTech and will be meeting up with them soon.