Anybody think about Data Ethics?

I met up with Co-op Groups Data data ethics person, yes they have one!

They are rolling out a new approach internally about using data ethically and are trying to promote this and engage the wider movement. Not sure how much interest to Co-tech people this is, but if you are doing your own work on data ethics and want me to put you in touch do.

I mentioned Co-tech exists, and they were interested in presenting it at any upcoming meet-up you organise, if there is interest. Also if your in London they are running an open session.

Friday 10th May - Same time as worker co-op weekend sadly, have you booked yet.

At Webarchitects we could do with a far better ethics policy, not because we are not ethical, but rather because we have not been very good at documenting how ethical we are.

We do have a page on Webarchitects Ethics but it doesn’t mention that we refuse to use the services of the big tech corporations, we don’t use Gmail, G Suite, GA, Microsoft 356, or any of the other products of surveillance capitalism and we offer tools to enable our clients to own and control their own data, for example:

  • Our shared hosting comes with self-hosted, privacy respecting, Matomo accounts so people don’t need to use Google Analytics to track the users of their sites.
  • We offer Mailcow servers and email hosting on our Mailcow server so people don’t need to use GMail.
  • We can provide clients and members with Nextcloud servers as an alternative to G Suite or Office 365.
  • We have a GitLab instance at for our members so they don’t have to host their code and issues on the Microsoft owned GitHub.

I’d be interested in a session on this at our gathering in Sheffield at the end of the month, @athertonjohn do you have contact details for the Co-op Groups Data data ethics person?

Me! I would like to get involved in data ethics Co-ops

Hey John,

I’d love to get them to come and present at a Meetup. Can you put them in touch with me via email?


Any chance they can get along to the Sheffield do? I’d be interested.

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Thanks all will make intro’s where I can.

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a data ethics project (it can be pro bono also). Do you know any startups doing this stuff? Either cooperative or a startup?

Anna - Datakind UK might be good people to get in touch with. I volunteer with them and they run a data ethics book club which might be a good place to meet the kind of organisations you’re looking for.

thanks Chris!

that’s very helpful. I will contact them.