Add "Finance" category please

I’ve been looking at various funding options, and keep coming across grants/competitions/Calls-For-Expressiions-Of-Interest that are not aimed at the fields i am focussed on.

I’d like to post them here, but i wasn’t sure about the correct category.

Any thoughts?

One of the underlying themes that i kept coming across when looking at Co-Working spaces, was that while they were presented as happy, social spaces, where collaboration and co-operation could take place, invariably the corporate-style, co-working spaces were snake-pits where members didn’t share what funding opportunities were available, as they didn’t want increased competition.

One extremely nasty example, was one academic consultancy who presented themselves as a group who could guide people through the grant application process.

That consultancy didn’t mention to their clients that they were applying for the same grants themselves. They got some of the other applicants to give them all of their ideas, and the other applicants paid them for the privilege of being ripped off.

This was seen as normal behaviour in the competitive Co-working spaces.